Taking Samples

Charting the Path to Approval

We are a group of CytoDyn Inc. (OTC:CYDY) (“CYDY” or the “Company”) stockholders that passionately believes in the potential of the company’s Leronlimab drug to address cancer, HIV and other autoimmune diseases.   


Unfortunately, CYDY’s management team and Board of Directors have repeatedly failed to execute critical clinical trials and receive necessary FDA approvals for Leronlimab. We believe that if CYDY is ultimately successful in receiving approval for Leronlimab, it will not only result in significant value creation for all stockholders regardless of number of shares owned, but also save thousands of lives around the world.


Change is desperately needed at CytoDyn to reverse operational failures and underperformance, while also realizing the significant value potential of Leronlimab. To this end, we have submitted the following five highly qualified, fully independent Director nominees to replace the current board and reverse the company’s current mismanagement and value destruction: 


  • Thomas Errico, MD

  • Bruce Patterson, MD

  • Paul Rosenbaum

  • Peter Staats, MD

  • Melissa Yeager


These nominees have deeply relevant experience and critical independent perspectives. If elected, they will recruit a new senior management team and take the steps necessary to earn FDA approval for Leronlimab.


This website includes information about the nominees and our group’s platform. It will be continuously updated with additional information.